Battery Council International Celebrates a Century of Industry Leadership

Join the battery industry’s leading trade organization as we reflect on the achievements of our first 100 years and get charged up for the future.

Leading the Charge in Energy Storage

On March 21, 2024, Battery Council International (BCI) will mark 100 years of collaboration and innovation in energy storage. It all started in 1924, when a small group of U.S. battery manufacturers met to discuss the possibility of forming a trade association. It wasn’t long before the National Battery Manufacturers Association (NBMA) was formed with 25 official members.

A century later, BCI represents the interests of companies involved in every aspect of the battery industry. Our membership includes lead battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment and expert consultants from around the world.

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100 Years of Powering Progress

For more than a century, BCI has played a pivotal role in shaping the battery industry through advocacy, education and research. From establishing industry standards and resources still in use today to shaping policies and regulations for the battery industry worldwide, we led the way to create a model circular economy.

Today, by embracing collaboration over competition in our efforts to drive innovation, BCI and its members are leading the charge to provide tomorrow’s energy storage solutions today.

Timeline – 100 Years of Battery Council International

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Making the Connection

Over the past 100 years, batteries have exponentially broadened their applications beyond transportation. Today, BCI members create batteries that are essential to modern society and contribute to an enormous $8.1 trillion battery fueled economy.

  • +206 GWh – Annual North American lead battery manufacturing capacity within a robust, ready-to-scale infrastructure.
  • $8.1 Trillion – In related economic output.
  • 48 Million Jobs Related to or reliant on the U.S. battery industry.
  • 50% – Global market for rechargeable batteries supported by lead batteries.
  • +66,000 MWh – Predicted lead battery global market growth 2021-2030.

BCI Through the Years: Exploring the Evolution of Our Iconic Logos


In March, a group of 25 U.S. lead battery manufacturers form the National Battery Manufacturers Association – the industry’s first trade association.


NBMA changes its name to the Association of American Battery Manufacturers (AABM) to account for members from Canada, Mexico, and South America.


On January 20, the AABM changes its name to Battery Council International, recognizing its worldwide members’ focus on manufacturing issues and their global impact.

Essential Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Embarking on its second century, BCI is at the forefront of energy storage, empowering numerous industries, including data centers, telecommunication networks, renewable energy, defense, and national security.

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Instrumental In Establishing a Circular Infrastructure

BCI member companies have created a circular economy model of sustainability that is unrivaled by any other battery chemistry, and a model for emerging battery technologies.

Since the 1980s, BCI manufacturers and recyclers have worked collaboratively with competitors to share best practices and advance innovations to tackle environmental and safety issues within the industry.

In 1989, BCI published the BCI Model Battery Recycling Legislation which has enabled the industry to achieve a 99% recycling rate and firmly establish lead batteries as the most recycled consumer product in the U.S.

Each year, more than 160 million lead batteries are kept from landfills in the U.S. and instead make their way to a nationwide network of advanced recycling facilities. Here, the top three main components are recycled infinitely — creating a closed-loop, domestic circular supply chain.

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Celebrate 100 Years with BCI!

Join us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 21 to 24, for the convention of the century as Battery Council International celebrates 100 years of industry leadership.

The 2024 BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo will be an electrifying experience like no other — with stimulating speakers, dynamic panel discussions, exciting industry forecasts and numerous networking opportunities — culminating in a grand Centennial Celebration.

Don’t miss the battery industry event of the century! Registration is now open.

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