Clean Energy Transition

The transition to a net-zero future will require a phenomenal amount of energy storage for renewables. We’ll need multiple battery chemistries, both established and new. The lead battery industry already plays an essential role in the green energy transition and providing ongoing energy storage needs across almost every sector.

Multi-Chemistry Approach to Policy

There is no singular solution to meet the massive demand for advanced battery technologies. As such, federal policies and investments should not prematurely favor one chemistry over another, creating unfair and unnecessary hurdles.

BCI supports policies that promote all battery technologies to ensure the domestic lead battery industry remains strong and continues to innovate with equitable:

  • Programs around research and development
  • Incentives for domestic industry growth
  • Development of broader energy storage solutions
Clean Energy Transition Green City

Lead Battery’s Proven Benefits

Lead batteries are not a has-been chemistry. They continue to provide impressive benefits and remain an important part of the U.S. economy, domestic manufacturing sector, the circular economy, and new and emerging technologies.

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Nick Starita

There’s still a fair amount of risk-aversion at major carriers when it comes to lithium.

Nick Starita, President of the Energy Solutions Division, Hollingsworth and Vose